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If you spend any amount of time in St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital, you'll probably notice a number of people walking around in purple uniforms. These purple uniforms are worn by some of the most important people at St. Luke's - our volunteers.

While St. Luke's employs thousands of people (nurses, technicians, office and clerical staff, among others) our volunteers play key roles in making St. Luke's a top-ranked hospital. They donate their time and energy and help improve the lives for our patients, their families, and visitors. Our volunteers include high school and college students, working adults, senior citizens, homemakers, and people from many different walks of life who wish to contribute their unique talents, gifts, and compassion.

In 2012, our volunteers donated 68,000 hours to the hospital. During those thousands of hours, our volunteers:

  • Provide comfort and assistance to hundreds of patients and their families 
  • Assist at receptions desks to help patients and visitors find their way around the hospital 
  • Distribute magazines and books to waiting areas throughout the Health System 
  • Work at St. Luke's Gift Shop 
  • Deliver mail and e-mail messages to patients 
  • Organize fund-raising events for the hospital 
  • Coordinate holiday events for patients and visitors 
  • Provide pastoral visits
  • Sponsor hospital tours for local students

Most importantly, our volunteers are committed to delivering world class care with a heart to patients who entrust their health to St. Luke's. So be on the look out for the kind folks in the purple uniforms. They're here to help.



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